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Mancha is an easygoing bike messenger with no big expectations in life. His only cares in the world are riding his motorcycle, being with his girlfriend Clara and hanging out with his fellow messengers. His carefree existence is disrupted when he and his friends are all fired, and Clara tells him she is moving to Horse Island β€” a place that doesn't allow any motorcycles. Faced with no other job prospects, Mancha forms a debt-collecting biker gang with his messenger buddies to try and preserve his way of life and win Clara back. (Note adapted from Visit Films.) Official Selection, 2018 Toronto International Film Festival, 2019 Miami and Santa Barbara film festivals. DIR/SCR/PROD Ernesto Villalobos; PROD Karina Avellan, Marcelo Quesada. Costa Rica/Chile, 2018, color, 84 min. In Spanish with English subtitles. NOT RATED

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84 Minutes


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