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MATINEE (1993)

Post-screening book event with Amy Davis, author of "Flickering Treasures: Rediscovering Baltimore's Forgotten Movie Theaters"

Lawrence Woolsey presents the end of civilization as we know it. Make that…Proudly Presents! Key West, Florida, 1962: local boys Gene and Dennis Loomis can't wait to go see the new movie from Lawrence Woolsey — the creature-feature producer, schlockmeister, cockeyed genius and promoter extraordinaire who will be presenting in person his latest film, MANT. ("Half man! Half ant! The product of science run amok. In Atomo-Vision and Rumble-Rama!") But with the Cuban Missile Crisis putting the country on high alert and paranoia running wild, what's scarier — the image onscreen or the panic in the streets? John Goodman gives a masterful performance as Woolsey, clearly modeled on the one-and-only William Castle, in Joe Dante's fond spoof of Cold War-era pop culture and B-movie camp. DIR Joe Dante; SCR Charles S. Haas; PROD Michael Finnell. U.S., 1993, color, 99 min. RATED PG

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99 Minutes

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