Arthur Penn's existential neo-noir is one of the key films of the 1970s, boasting a landmark tough-but-vulnerable performance by Gene Hackman. Ex-football pro Harry Moseby (Hackman) struggles to make ends meet as a P.I. in Hollywood, working long hours for little pay and further alienating the affection of his wife (Susan Clark), who's begun to have an affair. Just as Harry realizes what a poor P.I. he has been in his own life, he gets caught up in a new case that sends him to the Florida Keys to track down a wild-child heiress Delly (Melanie Griffith) for her faded actress mother. Bringing Delly back to LA, Harry thinks he's solved the case, but the trouble is only beginning. DIR Arthur Penn; SCR Alan Sharp; PROD Robert M. Sherman. U.S., 1975, color, 100 min. RATED R

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100 Minutes
Crime drama

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