CatVideoFest 2018

We're not kitt-ing, we've teamed up with our pawsome friends at Alley Cat Allies once more to bring the brand-new 2018 CatVideoFest reel to the big screen! Curated by award-winning Seattle-based filmmaker Will Braden (HENRI, LE CHAT NOIR), CatVideoFest features more than 85 viral cat videos, including the crème de la crème of popular favorites, classic cat vids and new, undiscovered gems. Come enjoy more than an hour of non-stop **squee**, meet your fellow feline fanatics and learn more about how to help cats in DC and beyond, from our partners at Alley Cat Allies. Total program: approx. 70 min.

Co-presented by Alley Cat Allies

AFI Member passes accepted.

70 Minutes

CatVideoFest 2018 Showtimes

There are currently no sessions scheduled. Please check back again later.