Intro by Film Noir Foundation charter director and treasurer Alan K. Rode at both screenings

This beat Billy Wilder's ACE IN THE HOLE (1951) to the screen by a year, with a tale of a corrupt reporter (Dan Duryea) manipulating a small-town story for his own benefit. Duryea is the disgraced reporter exiled to Gale Storm's small-town paper just in time to catch the case of an African-American maid charged with killing her socialite boss. Duryea could care less about justice — he wants to cash in on the woman's defense fund. (Note courtesy of Film Noir Foundation.) DIR Cy Endfield; SCR Henry Blankfort, from a story by Craig Rice; PROD Hal E. Chester. U.S., 1950, b&w, 91 min. NOT RATED
35mm print courtesy of the Film Noir Foundation and UCLA Film & Television Archive.

Followed by:
SOUTHSIDE 1-1000 in 35mm
This slam-bang crime yarn from King Brothers Productions is highlighted by shot-on-location scenes in downtown LA, Hollywood and San Quentin, crafted by much of the same team responsible for GUN CRAZY, and directed by the man who made the influential STRANGER ON THE THIRD FLOOR (1940). Don DeFore plays an undercover agent infiltrating a counterfeiting ring operated by sultry racket boss Andrea King. (Note courtesy of Film Noir Foundation.) DIR/SCR Boris Ingster; SCR Leo Townsend, Boris Ingster, from a story by Milton Raison and Bert C. Brown; PROD Frank King, Maurice King. U.S., 1950, b&w, 73 min. NOT RATED
35mm preservation funded by the Film Noir Foundation, courtesy of UCLA Film & Television Archive.

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194 Minutes
Film noir

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