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"So they call me Concentration Camp Erhardt!" Gestapo man Sig Ruman gloats to undercover actor-turned-agent Jack Benny — in reality Joseph Tura, "that great, great Polish actor" — and after Benny's cover is blown, he proceeds to criticize his Hamlet: "What you did to Shakespeare, we're doing to Poland." Criticized in its time for abominable taste, the film is now considered one of director Ernst Lubitsch's supreme masterpieces. Look for a scintillating Carole Lombard in her final role, as Benny's straying, but ultimately loyal, wife. DIR/PROD Ernst Lubitsch; SCR Edwin Justus Mayer. U.S., 1942, b&w, 99 min. NOT RATED

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99 Minutes
Romantic comedy

TO BE OR NOT TO BE (1942) Showtimes

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