Color of Conversation Shorts Program

Q&A with directors Shayla Racquel (RIVERMENT), Mai Sennaar (WAX LOVERS' PLAYLIST) Gilda Brasch (LET MY PEOPLE VOTE), and Phallon J. Beckham (BLUE BEFORE GRAY) and producer Tracye Matthews ('63 BOYCOTT)

Active during the 1960s civil rights movement, Maureen was no stranger to racial injustices and traumatic events during her fight for equal rights. To cope with the trauma she's encountered during her days as an activist, Maureen spends her time at her favorite place of peace, the riverbank. Maureen's granddaughter, Tyna, has become a freedom fighter in her own right, tackling inequalities and discrimination occurring on her college campus. When Tyna decides to take her activism outside the proposed safe boundaries of school, Maureen fears for her granddaughter's safety, and ultimately her sanity. DIR/SCR Shayla Racquel; PROD Mitra Arthur, Lindsey Sitz. U.S., 2018, color, 16 min. NOT RATED

This is a day in the life of five young artists looking to make their way independently after being dropped by their representation in the 24 hours after the 2016 U.S. presidential election. The film examines how underrepresented, emerging artists are building a life in the contemporary cultural and political climate of our times. In the legacy of James Baldwin, Nina Simone, Josephine Baker and many others, WAX LOVERS' PLAYLIST is a contemporary exploration of the experiences of American expatriate artists of color in the 21st century. The film was developed with the support of The Center for Ballet and the Arts at NYU as well as Aesha Ash, legendary ballerina, formerly of the New York City Ballet. DIR/SCR Mai Sennaar; PROD LaKisha Greenwade, Kumba Sennaar. U.S., 2018, color, 15 min. NOT RATED

In a Baltimore neighborhood in the early 2000's, working class single father Tim Jones returns home in the wee hours of the night to his sleeping children. Stressed by the inequities of his life, he drinks to dull his pain. After retiring to his room, his sleep is disturbed by some noisy young punks in front of his house. Irritated by their blatant disregard for his property, Tim brazenly confronts them, and demands that they leave. The punks retort by slandering him and ignoring his commands. The clash quickly escalates as the two groups face in a battle of masculinity and pride. The film was developed with the support of IFP Fiscal Sponsorship and the Maryland Institute College of Art. With music by Mara Louw and The African Methodist Choir. DIR/SCR/PROD Phallon J. Beckham; PROD Arc Music Production. U.S., 2017, b&w, 10 min. NOT RATED

Filmed in Tampa during the 2016 presidential election, this verité short covers a day in the life of civil rights activist and former felon Desmond Meade. What begins as an upbeat day of faith in our democratic process ends in a heartbreaking realization for Desmond: Jim Crow is not dead. DIR/SCR/PROD Gilda Brasch. U.S., 2017, color, 18 min. NOT RATED

In 1963, 250,000 students boycotted Chicago public schools to protest racial segregation. Previously unseen 16mm footage of the boycott is combined with insights from the original participants and present-day protesters against school closings. '63 BOYCOTT connects the forgotten story of one of the largest northern civil rights demonstrations to contemporary issues around race, education and youth activism. DIR Gordon Quinn; PROD Rachel Dickson, Tracye A. Matthews. U.S., 2017, color/b&w, 30 min. NOT RATED

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