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DONNIE DARKO (Theatrical Version)

Presented by horror host Doctor Sarcofiguy on March 31!

Richard Kelly described his debut feature as "The Catcher in the Rye" told by Philip K. Dick, and the film delivers, combining coming-of-age woes with high-concept science fiction. Jake Gyllenhaal stars as troubled teen Donnie, whose imaginary friend — a six-foot tall rabbit — informs him that the world is about to end. Dealing with time travel, alternate dimensions and mental illness, Donnie must unravel the mystery and possibly save the world. With a supporting cast featuring Maggie Gyllenhaal, Jena Malone, Patrick Swayze and Drew Barrymore, and an evocative soundtrack of '80s hits, this modern classic is a must-see on the big screen. DIR/SCR Richard Kelly; PROD Adam Fields, Nancy Juvonen, Sean McKittrick. U.S., 2001, color, 113 min. RATED R

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113 Minutes

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