Silent Cinema Showcase

Oct 25-Nov 27, 2019. See every film and save with the Silent Cinema Showcase Pass! Click "Gifts and Passes" at the top of this page to purchase.

The Silent Cinema Showcase returns with another selection of newly restored screen classics and rare gems from the silent era. Silent filmmaking was an art form unto itself, one that sound films may have replaced, but did not necessarily surpass. This year, get acquainted with great silent film talents Buster Keaton, Pola Negri, Harold Lloyd, Gloria Swanson, Ossi Oswalda and Theda Bara, plus the dedicated and talented musicians who bring these films to life with their inventive accompaniment, including Donald Sosin, Ben Model, Gabriel Thibaudeau and Maurizio Guarini of Goblin. This year's program features some of our favorite small combos, including Alloy Orchestra and Not So Silent Cinema, and several large-scale special events, including performances by the Flat Earth Society Ensemble; Philip Carli and Flower City Society Orchestra; the Columbia Orchestra and the Peacherine Ragtime Society Orchestra.

See also: NOSFERATU: A SYMPHONY OF HORROR with live accompaniment by Maurizio Guarini of Goblin, playing Oct 25 & 26 in our Halloween on Screen series

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Live musical accompaniment by Gabriel Thibaudeau

Saturday, November 23, 2019

Live musical accompaniment by Gabriel Thibaudeau on Nov. 23; recorded orchestral score Nov. 25–27


Saturday, November 23, 2019

Live musical accompaniment by Philip Carli and Flower City Society Orchestra. 
FREE screening co-presented with the National Gallery of Art

Saturday, November 23, 2019