AFI Silver Rewards Loyalty Program - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does it cost money to join the AFI Silver Rewards Loyalty Program?
A: No! It is free to sign up and participate in the Silver Rewards Loyalty Program.

Q: How old do I have to be to join?
A: The Silver Rewards Loyalty Program is open to anyone age 13 and older, except current employees of AFI Silver Theatre, and as otherwise prohibited by law.

Q: How do I join the Silver Rewards Loyalty Program?
A: There are two ways to join:

  • In person at AFI Silver Theatre. A staff member will take basic details such as your name, phone number and email, and present you with a card and key tag. Once you receive your loyalty card, you may start accruing points right away. However, you must activate your card and create an online account in order to access your transaction history and check your rewards balance. You also need the online account to earn loyalty rewards points on your online ticket purchases.

  • Online at Click the "Silver Rewards" tab at the top of the page, then click the "Join Now" button. After completing enrollment, you will have your online credentials to login and manage your account. Prior to each online purchase, be sure to log in when prompted so that you will get credit for the purchase.

Q: I joined the loyalty program online and created an account. Do I still need a loyalty card or key tag?
A: You do not need a physical loyalty card in order to *accrue* rewards, but you must have a card linked to your account before you can *redeem* rewards. Please note, AFI Silver Theatre does not mail loyalty cards to participants. Staff in the box office and at the concession stand can issue you a card and key tag, and link them to your account.

Q: How does the loyalty program work?
A: Each dollar you spend at AFI Silver* earns you 100 points; 5,000 points generate $5 in Silver Rewards. *Certain programs, including AFI DOCS, sell tickets outside of AFI Silver and are therefore ineligible for accruing loyalty points.

Q: What can I use my Silver Rewards to purchase?
A: Silver Rewards may be redeemed for practically everything AFI Silver sells*, including movie tickets, concessions, festival passes and qualifying gift shop items. *Certain programs, including AFI DOCS, sell tickets outside of AFI Silver and are therefore ineligible for accruing and redeeming loyalty points. Gift certificates may not be purchased with Silver Rewards points.

Q: Do my points or rewards expire?
A: Silver Rewards points and dollars do not expire as long as participants make a transaction within a 12-month period.

Q: How do I get a reward using my points?
A: The Silver Rewards point balance resets once a participant crosses the 5,000-point threshold, which automatically generates $5 in Silver Rewards. Those Silver Rewards dollars may then be redeemed at AFI Silver Theatre.

Q: Can I collect multiple rewards to use together?
A: Yes, however, participants stop accruing Silver Rewards dollars once their balance reaches $50. Rewards must be redeemed in order to keep earning.

Q: What is the Account Profile and why should I fill it out?
A: Filling out the Account Profile allows you to complete demographic information so that you can receive recognitions like a free popcorn on your birthday. Also, participants who complete the Account Profile receive a one-time bonus of $5 in Silver Rewards! If you initially joined Silver Rewards online, you completed the Account Profile during enrollment. If you signed up in person at AFI Silver Theatre, you must create login credentials by visiting, clicking the "Silver Rewards" tab, and then clicking the "Create Login" button. This will enable you to access your account online and update your profile.

Q: Does signing up for the free Silver Rewards Loyalty Program automatically make me an AFI member?
A: No, the AFI national membership is a separate, paid membership program which comes with a different set of benefits. For more information on AFI membership and a list of benefits, visit

Q: Can rewards dollars be redeemed online?
A: At this time, rewards dollars can only be redeemed in person at AFI Silver Theatre.

Q: I lost my loyalty card and key tag – how do I get another one?
A: Go to AFI Silver Theatre to pick up a new card and key tag. Your account information will not change if you link the new card to your existing account.

Q: Will I accrue points for tickets and other items I purchase online?
A: Yes. In order to earn points for online purchases, you must create online credentials and have a loyalty login on*. Prior to each online purchase, be sure to log in when prompted so that you will get credit for the purchase. *Certain programs, including AFI DOCS, sell tickets outside of AFI Silver and are therefore ineligible for accruing loyalty points.

Q: What do I do if I forget to use my Silver Rewards account during a purchase?
A: Bring your receipt or proof of purchase to AFI Silver Theatre and a manager will process the credits for you. You can also email your name, a copy of your receipt and your loyalty account number to Loyalty participants have 72 hours from the date of purchase to request a points adjustment to their Silver Rewards account.

Q: Do rewards dollars print out at point-of-sales stations?
A: No, all rewards dollars are noted electronically within your account. A theater staff member can tell you your rewards balance after swiping your loyalty card, or you can view rewards totals by logging into your online account.

Q: How quickly do accrued points show up on my loyalty account?
A: Your rewards balance updates automatically, immediately after each purchase. The additional $5 Silver Reward that participants receive after completing the Account Profile will post on the next day.

Q: I am logged into my Silver Rewards Loyalty account online and looking at my Transaction History. It lists each movie title that I purchased and although it displays the date and dollar amount of my other purchases, it does not list concession item details. Why is that?
A: Due to a software limitation, a loyalty participant's transaction history cannot display specific information on concessions or box office sundry item purchases (i.e. gift certificates, festival passes). However, participants are accruing points on all such purchases, and we hope to have this display feature available soon.

Q: Can I earn Silver Rewards points when redeeming a Gift Certificate?
A: No. You earn Silver Rewards points when purchasing Gift Certificates, but Silver Rewards points are not earned on transactions when Gift Certificates are redeemed.