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45th Anniversary

When a military plane crashes in Evans City, Pennsylvania, a mysterious toxin seeps into the water supply, turning the small-town residents into big-time killers. The biological weapon, codenamed "Trixie," leaves its victims either dead or psychologically deranged. Vietnam vet David and his pregnant wife Judy must escape the military-enforced quarantine, the crazed townsfolk and a band of rednecks to get to safety. Five years after NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, George Romero crafted another powerful allegory about government cover-ups and conspiracies in the shadow of Watergate and several high-profile environmental disasters. DIR/SCR George Romero; SCR Paul McCollough; PROD A. C. Croft. U.S., 1973, color, 103 min. RATED R

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103 Minutes
Sci-fi horror

CRAZIES, THE (1973) Showtimes

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