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CIFF 2018 Shorts Program I

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Revolutionary James Connolly looks to Dublin printers Molloy, O'Brien and Brady to turn out 2,000 copies of an Irish Proclamation — in one night and in secret — to be read by Padraig Pearse at the General Post Office (GPO) in Dublin on Easter Monday, April 24, 1916. They don't have enough type. They don't have enough wax. They don't have enough paper. Can they do it? DIR/SCR/PROD Maureen O'Connell. Ireland, 2016, b&w, 20 min.

A mockumentary about Lucky O'Toole, who was once featured on a very famous postcard and is now hoping to regain fame and fortune. DIR/SCR/PROD Liza Bolton; SCR/PROD Nigel Gilhooly; PROD Chris Bolton. Ireland, 2017, color, 5 min.

Mick and Aoife are two young people who for many different reasons chose to leave Ireland, but have now returned. Together again, briefly, they are forced to confront their shared history and their relationship with home. DIR/SCR Sinéad O'Loughlin; PROD Laura Brennan. Ireland, 2016, color, 13 min.

A young couple struggle to adjust to life following the birth of their first child. DIR/SCR/PROD Tristan Heanue; PROD Paddy Slattery. Ireland, 2017, color, 19 min.

GRETA (2017)
This is the story of a young Lithuanian girl who, with the help of her devoted parents, overcomes her visual impairment to proudly represent her adopted country, Ireland, in the 2016 Paralympic Games. DIR/SCR Robert Maguire; PROD Brian Baneham. Ireland, 2017, color, 10 min.

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67 Minutes
Short films

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