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NIGHT OF THE LEPUS presented by Count Gore De Vol

Local TV legend Count Gore De Vol (Dick Dyszel) returns to present another terrifying film with interactive games, prizes and more! If you thought Monty Python's Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog was cinema's first bloodthirsty bunny, you can think again! Prepare for a hare-raising evening of lagomorphic proportions with William F. Claxton's (BONANZA, LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE) cunicular classic, NIGHT OF THE LEPUS. When a rancher employs scientists Roy (Stuart Whitman, THE COMANCHEROS, THE MARK) and Gerry Bennett (Janet Leigh, THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE, PSYCHO) to slow the breeding cycle of rabbits overrunning his land, an untested treatment turns them into flesh-eating, 150-pound monsters. Together, the humans must work desperately to combat the peril they've unleashed, but the bunnies keep breeding like — uh — rabbits, and culling the homicidal hares is easier said than done. Part THEM!, part THE CURSE OF THE WERE-RABBIT, Claxton's magnum lepus is perhaps the cutest creature feature ever to grace the silver screen. What better way to spend Easter Eve? DIR William F. Claxton; SCR Don Holliday, Gene R. Kearney, from the novel "The Year of The Angry Rabbit" by Russell Braddon; PROD A.C. Lyles. U.S., 1972, color, 88 min. RATED PG

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88 Minutes
Sci-fi horror

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