Vanilla (Maria-Victoria Dragus) is looking at a career in law enforcement. After failing the police exam, she signs up as a security guard while waiting to take the test again, and in the interim meets Tiger (Ella Rumpf, RAW), a wild child who appeals to Vanilla's sense of adventure. As Vanilla and Tiger get themselves into one scrape of criminal mischief after another, it becomes apparent that Tiger doesn't have anything to teach Vanilla that she doesn't already know. Run-ins with cops, drug dealers and innocent civilians convince Tiger that she's made the wrong friend, but will she survive long enough to learn her lesson? (Note adapted from the Fantasia Film Festival.) DIR/SCR Jakob Lass; SCR Ines Schiller, Hannah Schopf, Nico Woche, Eva-Maria Reimer; PROD Ines Schiller, Golo Schultz. Germany, 2017, color, 90 min. In German with English subtitles. NOT RATED

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90 Minutes
Crime drama

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