The original big-screen adaptation of Patrick Hamilton's 1938 play, helmed by British director Thorold Dickinson and released four years before George Cukor's better-known version, stars Anton Walbrook (THE RED SHOES) as a con artist set on undermining his wife's sanity in order to locate a stash of jewels hidden in her family home. Diana Wynyard (CAVALCADE) stars as the turn-of-the-century bride who begins to fear she's losing her mind. Encouraged by the success of the film, MGM bought the remake rights, but insisted that all existing prints of Dickinson's version (including the negative) be destroyed. Thankfully, this demand was not fulfilled. Considered by some to be the more faithful adaptation of Hamilton's work, Dickinson's film is every bit as powerful and chilling as Cukor's take on the material. DIR Thorold Dickinson; SCR A. R. Rawlinson, Bridget Boland, from the play by Patrick Hamilton; PROD John Corfield. UK, 1940, color, 89 min. NOT RATED

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89 Minutes
Film noir

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