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ROBBERY (1967)

Intro by film noir scholar Foster Hirsch on Oct. 15

50th Anniversary
One year before directing the smash hit BULLITT with Steve McQueen, Peter Yates made this classic UK heist film with Stanley Baker leading a team of criminals on a daring heist, then narrowly escaping capture by the police following a high-speed car chase. But the authorities are dogged in their pursuit of the thieves, and begin to methodically pressure informers and pick off the gang's more careless members, even as Baker plots a more daring, new robbery. DIR/SCR Peter Yates; SCR Edward Boyd, George Markstein, from "The Robber's Tale" by Peta Fordham; PROD Stanley Baker, Michael Deeley. UK, 1967, color, 110 min. NOT RATED

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110 Minutes

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