Intro by film noir scholar Foster Hirsch on Oct. 14

New 4K Restoration
This is the ultimate heist film and the template for all that came after — from the assembly of the team to the painstakingly chronicled break-in to the tell-tale slip-up. John Huston's expertly orchestrated urban crime story is one of the rare noir films to attract Oscar® recognition, garnering four nominations. Crooked lawyer Louis Calhern, desperate to keep nubile mistress Marilyn Monroe, employs just-out-of-jail Sam Jaffe and small-timers Sterling Hayden, Anthony Caruso and James Whitmore for a big score. Everything is going right the night of the break-in — until everything starts to go wrong. DIR/SCR John Huston; SCR Ben Maddow, from the novel by W.R. Burnett; PROD Arthur Hornblow, Jr. U.S., 1950, b&w, 112 min. NOT RATED

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112 Minutes
Film noir


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