Intro by film noir scholar Foster Hirsch on Oct. 14

Pity poor ex-con Joe Rolfe (John Payne). Trying to walk the straight and narrow, he winds up playing the patsy in a devilishly conceived million-dollar bank robbery. Desperate, he trails the thieves south of the border. There, he tangles with tough guys Neville Brand and Lee Van Cleef, who are as deep in the dark as he is, and falls for good girl Coleen Gray, under the suspicious eye of her cop father (Preston Foster). The first pairing of noir dream team Payne and director Phil Karlson (99 RIVER STREET) remains one of the great capers of the 1950s. (Note courtesy of Noir City.) DIR Phil Karlson; SCR George Bruce, Harry Essex; PROD Edward Small. U.S., 1952, b&w, 99 min. NOT RATED

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99 Minutes
Film noir


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