Intro by film noir scholar Foster Hirsch on Oct. 14

A trio of bandits (Lee Marvin, Stephen McNally and J. Carrol Naish) holes up in an Arizona mining burg, scheming to knock over the bank as the town's oblivious residents go about lives filled with bad habits, bad reputations and bad romances. Every plotline converges in this one-of-a-kind fusion of pulp fiction and Douglas Sirk-style melodrama, effortlessly balanced by director Richard Fleischer and shot in gorgeously lush CinemaScope. Don't miss your chance to see this small-town powder keg explode on the big screen. (Note courtesy of Noir City.) DIR Richard Fleischer; SCR Sydney Boehm, from the novel by William L. Heath; PROD Buddy Adler. U.S., 1955, color, 90 min. NOT RATED

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90 Minutes
Film noir


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