Trailer-dwelling, sewage-pumping Chip (Matthew Gray Gubler, TV's CRIMINAL MINDS, TRASH FIRE) may not lead the most glamorous life, but he's got one thing going for him: he's head over heels infatuated with his girlfriend Liza (AnnaLynne McCord, TV's NIP/TUCK, TRASH FIRE). He's more than willing to overlook her wild streak, so when she proposes they steal $68K, he goes along with the plan. But when the supposedly simple heist turns into an off-the-rails, blood-spattered crime spree, Chip learns the hard way just how deranged the love of his life really is. This new film from Troma Entertainment alum Trent Haaga (CHOP, CITIZEN TOXIE: THE TOXIC AVENGER IV) blends wicked comedy with pure pulp thrills and a no-holds-barred blast of insanity. (Note adapted from IFC Films.) DIR/SCR Trent Haaga, from the novel by Bryan Smith; PROD David Lawson, Jr., Bob Portal, Travis Stevens. U.S., 2017, color, 93 min. NOT RATED

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93 Minutes
Horror comedy

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