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Silent with live musical accompaniment by the Columbia Orchestra

"Chaplin began shooting without a script, but the finished film develops with sublime logic. It is situation comedy at its best, with Charlie first stumbling into view along a precipice, pursued by a disgruntled bear. As usual, in an effort to elude one crisis he plunges into another: the cabin that looks so comforting in the blizzard is inhabited by none other than the ferocious prospector Big Jim. In the concluding episode, as Charlie and Big Jim fight to escape from their cabin, which has been blown to the edge of an abyss, the familiar comic routine is brought to dazzling maturity. Suspense almost shores up one's laughter." – Peter Cowie. DIR/SCR/PROD Charles Chaplin. U.S., 1925, b&w, 89 min. NOT RATED

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89 Minutes

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