[老石 LAO SHI]
Taxi driver Lao Shi (Chen Gang) is on a late night job when a drunken passenger causes him to hit a motorcyclist head on. Fearing the worst when the ambulance takes too long to get to the scene, Lao Shi speeds to the nearest hospital with the injured motorcyclist in his cab. But his good turn only serves to open up a world of bureaucracy and legal manipulation, as he discovers that he is now responsible for the man's hospital bills. Chinese-Canadian director Johnny Ma's feature debut is a nail-biting psychological thriller that turns bureaucratic frustration into a bloody affair. DIR/SCR Johnny Ma; PROD Jian Wu Xian, Lin Chi-An, Sarah Stallard, Wang Jing. China/Canada, 2016, color, 80 min. In Mandarin with English subtitles. NOT RATED

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80 Minutes

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