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Jan Verbeeck (Peter Van den Begin, THE ARDENNES, KING OF THE BELGIANS) is the commissioner of the Antwerp drug squad in this timely sociopolitical thriller from Nabil Ben Yadir (LA MARCHE). Hugely popular, Verbeeck is celebrated as a no-nonsense protector of national safety. When he announces that he is leaving the force to join the extreme right VPV party, the country is thrown into commotion. But his radical speeches, status as a political outsider and populist pronouncements make him an instant media favorite. On his last day as a policeman, however, Verbeeck leads a drug raid that will set in motion a series of unforeseeable and fatal events. DIR/SCR/PROD Nabil Ben Yadir; SCR Laurent Brandenbourger, Michel Sabbe; PROD Peter Bouckaert, Benoit Roland. Belgium, 2016, color, 105 min. In Dutch and French with English subtitles. NOT RATED

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105 Minutes
Action thriller

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