Yet more heads roll in director Gareth Evans' (THE RAID, V/H/S/2) follow-up to his breakout hit, with Indonesian martial-arts star Iko Uwais returning as the unflappable officer Rama. This time he must go undercover to take down the corrupt cops of Jakarta and the gangs colluding with them. Although Rama is reluctant at first, when his brother is murdered at the hands of a notorious gang leader, he resolves to risk his life to topple the crime syndicate from the inside out. Building on the success of THE RAID, Evans takes the tension to a fever pitch, upping the stakes as Rama finds himself further and further embroiled in Indonesia's criminal underworld. DIR/SCR Gareth Evans; PROD Nate Bolotin, Ario Sagantoro, Aram Tertzakian. Indonesia, 2014, color, 150 min. In Indonesian and Japanese with English subtitles. RATED R

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150 Minutes
Action thriller

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