Looking for a thrill, bored businessman Jeff Daniels walks out on a check at a diner, drawing the attention of bad girl Melanie Griffith. Sensing a kindred spirit beneath the straitlaced exterior, she lures him away on an impromptu adventure, including motel room sex games, grand theft auto and a visit to her high-school reunion in rural Pennsylvania. There, the odd couple encounters Griffith's former husband Ray Liotta, a psychotic ex-con with designs on getting her back. All three leads are at their very best in Jonathan Demme's spirited caper; among the many quirky touches are cult rockers The Feelies as the reunion's house band, and John Waters as a used-car salesman. DIR/PROD Jonathan Demme; SCR E. Max Frye; PROD Kenneth Utt. U.S., 1986, color, 114 min. RATED R

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Jonathan Demme
114 Minutes
Adventure romance

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