Kevan Funk's debut feature is an elegant film about the inelegant realities of being a hockey enforcer and literally fighting one's way to the big leagues. As a minor-league team's tough guy, Tyson (Jared Abrahamson) is expected to protect the more skilled players. But when his violent play leads to the serious injury of an opposing player, Tyson finds himself on the wrong side of the team, the league, the community and even his family. This astute critique of the culture of violence inherent in Canada's national sport is also a fascinating drama of identity, masculinity and isolation. If Ingmar Bergman had made a film about hockey, this
 would be it. (Note courtesy of Dada Films.) DIR/SCR Kevan Funk; PROD Daniel Domachowski, Haydn Wazelle. Canada, 2016, color, 110 min. NOT RATED

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110 Minutes
Sports, drama


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