When former Disney animator and painter Tyrus Wong died in December 2016 at 106, obituaries told of a man whose life reads like an epic of the 20th century. From his birth in China in 1910 to a difficult immigration experience as a small boy and penurious upbringing in Los Angeles' Chinatown, Wong worked his way through art school and eventually found work in Disney's animation studio. When pre-production on BAMBI bogged down due to problems with overcrowding in the background of the early artwork, it was Wong's new landscape sketches — modeled on Song Dynasty-style landscape painting — that took the film in a bold new direction. DIR/SCR/PROD Pamela Tom; PROD Tamara Khalaf, Gwen Wynne. U.S., 2015, color, 77 min. NOT RATED

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77 Minutes
Documentary - art

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