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1984 (1984)

Michael Radford's adaptation of George Orwell's prophetic dystopian classic stars the late John Hurt as Winston, an office drone in a totalitarian state controlled by Big Brother. In Winston's world, absolute conformity in action, word and thought is demanded, and the masses are dominated by an all-powerful state apparatus. When Winston initiates an illegal love affair, he becomes the target of a brainwashing campaign, care of a government agent named O'Brien (Richard Burton, in his final screen role). Orwell's hellish vision is brought to life by master cinematographer Roger Deakins (BLADE RUNNER 2049) and a soundtrack by Eurythmics. DIR/SCR Michael Radford, from the novel by George Orwell; PROD Simon Perry. UK, 1984, color, 113 min. RATED R

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113 Minutes
Science Fiction

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