LIFT (2016)

Conor Armstrong Sanfey's debut feature is a darkly comedic thriller set within the confines of a stalled elevator in a high-rise office building. Sean (Fiach Kunz) is a troubled young man whose seemingly random attack on a building security guard leaves the man unconscious. Sean makes an escape into a passing elevator, then finds himself trapped with five others as it grinds to an eerie halt. As tensions rise in the cramped space, Sean's every panicked action repels, rather than endears him to, his fellow confinees, while all around him personalities clash and relationships are tested. LIFT is a gripping and entertaining morality tale about trust, preconceptions and the fragility of social mores. DIR Conor Armstrong Sanfey; SCR/PROD Kealan Ryan. Ireland, 2016, color, 75 min. NOT RATED

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75 Minutes

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