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A box office sensation in South Korea, Yeon Sang-ho's (THE FAKE, THE KING OF PIGS) first live-action film is a harrowing zombie-train thriller that went on to wow audiences across the globe and is now the subject of a Hollywood remake, as well as an animated prequel. Trapped on a suspicion-filled, blood-drenched bullet train from Seoul, a group of terrified passengers must fight their way through a countrywide viral outbreak in order to reach the southern resort city of Busan, the one place that has managed to hold off the zombie hordes…or so everyone hopes. DIR Yeon Sang-ho; SCR Park Joo-suk; PROD Lee Dong-ha. South Korea, 2016, color, 118 min. In Korean with English subtitles. NOT RATED

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118 Minutes
Horror thriller


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