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Introduction by Eddie Muller on Oct. 23.

The folkloric tale of French murderer Bluebeard is given a stylish interpretation by B-movie maestro Edgar G. Ulmer. Veteran character actor John Carradine steps to the center of the frame as Gaston Morrell, a puppeteer and painter to whom women have a fatal attraction. Ulmer produced his best films (like DETOUR) in the 1940s, his resourcefulness and creativity trumping paltry budgets, as evinced by his recreation of Paris for this film, which he considered one of his best. (Note courtesy of Noir City.) DIR Edgar G. Ulmer; SCR Pierre Gendron, from a story by Werner H. Furst and Andrew Phillips; PROD Leon Fromkess. U.S., 1944, b&w, 72 min, 35mm. NOT RATED
Print courtesy of the Academy Film Archive.

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Edgar G. Ulmer
72 Minutes
Crime thriller

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