Despite its title and Anglo leads, this film makes a sincere, moving plea for racial tolerance. A Navajo named Wing Foot (Richard Dix) leaves his reservation to attend university on an athletic scholarship. Disappointed by the prejudice he discovers in this supposed bastion of enlightenment, he returns to the reservation, now an outcast from both worlds. But Wing Foot's greatest challenge is just beginning: an oil discovery could mean prosperity for his people, if he can end the long history of inter-tribal squabbling — also keeping him from his beloved, Corn Blossom (Julie Carter) — and head off the incursion of greedy white speculators. DIR/PROD Victor Schertzinger; SCR Elizabeth Pickett. U.S., 1929, color, 81 min, 35mm. NOT RATED

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Victor Schertzinger
81 Minutes

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