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Silent with live musical accompaniment by the Anvil Orchestra

Visiting Georgia when the Civil War breaks out, railroad engineer Buster Keaton tries to join the Confederate army to make his fiancée proud. Deeming his profession a valuable Southern asset, the army rejects him — and so does she. But after Union spies steal his beloved locomotive (and his girl along with it), Keaton springs into daring action. Keaton's deadpan drollery, pitch-perfect comedic timing and his incredible physical talent and bravery make this one of the greatest silent-era comedies. DIR/SCR/PROD Buster Keaton; DIR/SCR Clyde Bruckman; PROD Joseph M. Schenck. U.S., 1926, b&w, 75 min. Silent with English intertitles. NOT RATED

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About the Anvil Orchestra
The Anvil Orchestra consists of Roger C. Miller and Terry Donahue of the Alloy Orchestra, who are joined by Boston drumming legend Larry Dersch. The Anvil Orchestra will continue the tradition of writing and performing original scores for silent films.

Buster Keaton, Clyde Bruckman
75 Minutes
Silent comedy

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