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Q&A with actor Toma Cuzin

In the principality of Wallachia, life is more Dark Ages than Age of Enlightenment, even in 1835. Constable Costandin and his son have been dispatched by a nobleman to track down a runaway slave accused of seducing the landowner's wife. Foul-mouthed and quick-tempered, Costandin rides roughshod on the local peasantry in his search, explaining to his teenaged son that he's upholding the social order. Radu Jude won Best Director at the 2015 Berlin Film Festival for this visionary historical epic β€” a European "eastern" counterpoint to the American Western. DIR/SCR Radu Jude; SCR Florin Lazarescu, PROD Ada Solomon. Romania/Bulgaria/Czech Republic/France, 2015, color, 108 min. In Romanian with English subtitles. NOT RATED

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Radu Jude
108 Minutes
Historical drama

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