David Lynch's unsettling masterpiece blends disparate elements — coming-of-age drama, detective story, an ambiguous 1980s setting with 1950s trappings and midnight movie-style madness — into a uniquely Lynchian whole, equal parts seductive and nightmarish. After discovering a severed ear, Kyle MacLachlan begins an investigation, perhaps to impress his police detective neighbor's daughter, Laura Dern. MacLachlan's amateur sleuthing plunges him into a dangerous underworld populated by sad-eyed nightclub singer Isabella Rossellini and her psychotic tormentor, Dennis Hopper, lover of PBR, nitrous oxide, kinky sex and Roy Orbison. DIR/SCR David Lynch; PROD Fred Caruso. U.S., 1986, color, 120 min. RATED R

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David Lynch
120 Minutes
Mystery thriller


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