TRON (1982)

This visionary, CGI-pioneering fantasy is an '80s time capsule and a cornerstone of the cyberpunk/virtual reality concept. When his video game program is stolen by his evil ENCOM boss, computer whiz Jeff Bridges hacks the company's Master Control Program (MCP) to find the evidence. But the MCP is no mere program — assimilating other programs, it has evolved into an intelligent cyber-world, which Bridges discovers when it encodes and beams him into itself. Trapped inside the mainframe, Bridges must duke it out in gladiatorial video game combat with other anthropomorphized programs or risk getting de-rezzed — aka game over. DIR/SCR Steven Lisberger; PROD Donald Kushner. U.S., 1982, color, 96 min. RATED PG

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Steven Lisberger
96 Minutes
Science Fiction

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