David Lean's signature achievement won seven Oscars® in 1962, including Best Picture, and made a then-unknown Peter O'Toole an international star. He is riveting as T. E. Lawrence, the legendary British officer who rallied the Arabs against Turkish invaders during World War I, and Lean's film, a two-year undertaking shot entirely on location, is one of the true masterpieces of 70mm photography. O'Toole's performance would earn the first of his eight Oscar® nominations for Best Actor — amazingly, none of which he won. With Alec Guinness, Anthony Quinn and Omar Sharif. DIR David Lean; SCR Robert Bolt, Michael Wilson; PROD Sam Spiegel. UK/U.S., 1962, color, 231 min. including one 15-min. intermission. RATED PG

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David Lean
231 Minutes