Post-screening pre-recorded conversation with director Pedro Kos, producer Kira Carstensen and subject Lenore Dowling moderated by NBC News Correspondent Anne Thompson

In Los Angeles in the 1960s, the Convent of the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, now the campus of the American Film Institute, would become the center of religious controversy. Adding science to the curriculum and abandoning the habit, its sisters reflected the ever-evolving attitudes of the country, but the church, and particularly its authoritarian archdiocese, were appalled at this display of defiance and determined to suppress the resistance. Unwilling to renounce their beliefs, the sisters' courageous stand against the full power of the Roman Catholic Church and its engrained patriarchal strictures would come at a considerable cost. Director Pedro Kos' REBEL HEARTS is a lively portrait of resistance and an affectionate celebration of the incredible women who led this movement. –Malin Kan. DIR Pedro Kos; PROD Kira Carstensen, Shawnee Isaac-Smith, Judy Korin. USA, 2021, Color, 103 min.

103 Minutes


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