In the unfamiliar Appalachian backwoods, a weekend of male bonding for four inexperienced campers turns into a gut-wrenching fight for survival against the merciless forces of nature and the brutality of man. Their only escape is a terrifying canoe ride down the raging rapids of the Chattooga River. If their heartless pursuers don't kill them, the treacherous waters just might. Directed by John Boorman and starring Burt Reynolds, Jon Voight, Ned Beatty and Ronny Cox (who all performed many of their own stunts), DELIVERANCE was an instant box office and critical sensation, garnering three OscarĀ® nominations and instigating a boom in whitewater rafting tourism in Rabun County, Georgia, where the film was shot. (Note adapted from Warner Bros.) DIR/ PROD John Boorman; SCR James Dickey, from his novel. U.S., 1972, color, 109 min. RATED R

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109 Minutes
Adventure, drama

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