Jack Nicholson gives a career-making performance as Bobby Dupea, a young man from a well-to-do family on the run from his roots and perhaps his future. A former piano prodigy, he's been biding his time in California with his ne'er-do-well friends, but when he learns his father is ill, he packs up pregnant girlfriend Karen Black and hits the road to the family's home in Washington state. A series of misadventures, including an impromptu piano performance on the back of a moving truck, some far-out hitchhikers and the famous chicken salad scene at a roadside diner, give way to a serious reckoning between Nicholson and his family once home. Nominated for four OscarsĀ®: Best Picture, Actor (Nicholson), Supporting Actress (Black) and Screenplay. DIR/SCR/PROD Bob Rafelson; SCR Carole Eastman; PROD Richard Wechsler. U.S., 1970, color, 98 min. RATED R

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98 Minutes


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