If only they knew she had the power.
Shy, awkward Carrie (Sissy Spacek) has trouble fitting in with the obnoxious teens at her high school, and her home life is equally challenging, where she's tormented by her religious nut mother (Piper Laurie). Carrie experiences a moment of sheer terror after she gets her first period in the gym class shower, and is mocked by her classmates. Her spirits lift when the cutest boy at school asks her to the prom; but no one can foresee what awaits at the dance, when a prank pushes Carrie over the edge, unleashing an unimaginable force of retribution. Stephen King's first published novel, and the first adapted for the screen. DIR Brian De Palma; SCR Lawrence D. Cohen, from the novel by Stephen King; PROD Paul Monash. U.S., 1976, color, 98 min. RATED R

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98 Minutes

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