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A critics' darling upon its 2006 release, MUTUAL APPRECIATION is at once an utterly timeless and distinctly mid-aughts portrait of the ebb and flow of 20-something life in New York City. Richly observed and deeply humanist, the film follows Alan (Justin Rice), an aspiring musician who crash-lands in town following the breakup of his band in Boston, immediately taking up with his old friends Ellie (Rachel Clift) and Lawrence (director/writer Andrew Bujalski), while negotiating the affections of a local radio DJ (Seung-Min Lee). In the tradition of Éric Rohmer, John Cassavetes and Jacques Rivette, Bujalski crafts a deft yet unassuming generational statement that finds its inspiration less in plot than in sharply drawn relationships and captivating conversations. Lovingly lensed in intimate 16mm black-and-white film, MUTUAL APPRECIATION is a generous and witty ode to the friendships that hallmark our awkward and enthralling post-collegiate years. Along with 2002's equally lauded FUNNY HA HA, it signaled the triumphant arrival of indie auteur Bujalski, who has gone on to write and direct a suite of critically acclaimed features including BEESWAX (2009), COMPUTER CHESS (2013), RESULTS (2015) and SUPPORT THE GIRLS (2018). (Note adapted from Arbelos.) DIR/SCR Andrew Bujalski; PROD Morgan Faust, Dia Sokol Savage, Ethan Vogt. U.S., 2005, b&w, 109 min. RATED R

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