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Introduction by Heather Linville, Motion Picture Laboratory Supervisor, Library of Congress

35mm print preserved by the Library of Congress
Most notable for mischievously riding the edge of the Production Code, FASHIONS OF 1934 features a lot of naughtiness and a trio of lovably unethical lead characters. William Powell plays Sherwood Nash, a charming rascal who ropes Bette Davis' amateur dress designer into a scheme for bootlegging top Parisian fashions for high prices. In fact, the Busby Berkeley dance number comes as somewhat of a surprise, but when it does appear as an elaborate cog in Nash's complex ostrich-feather racket, "Spin a Little Web of Dreams" twists into delectable Berkeley decadence, with dancers wearing feather fans, playing living harps and sailing atop an undulating, glistening faux sea. His most astonishing flourish: overhead shots of the plumed dancers forming a beautiful, feathery flower, which opens and closes as if photographed in time-lapse. (Note adapted from Harvard Film Archive.) DIR William Dieterle; SCR F. Hugh Herbert, Carl Erickson; PROD Henry Blanke. U.S., 1934, b&w, 80 min. NOT RATED

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80 Minutes
Musical comedy

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