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Nimród Antal made a name for himself with 2003's KONTROLL; now, following a string of Hollywood genre films (ARMORED, PREDATORS, VACANCY) and music-related features (METALLICA: THROUGH THE NEVER), he returns to Hungary with this stylish and action-packed true crime tale. In the 1990s, an unknown bandit pulled off a string of daring, daylight bank robberies in and around Budapest, eluding the befuddled police, who had no leads save for one identifying trait: the faint aroma of whiskey the tellers noticed on the thief. Drawing comparisons to Sandor Rozsa, a Robin Hood type-character from Hungarian legend, the so-called "Whiskey Bandit" became something of a modern-day folk hero for Hungary's chaotic, post-communist era. DIR/SCR Nimród Antal; PROD Barnabás Hutlassa, Tamás Hutlassa. Hungary, 2017, color, 126 min. In Hungarian and Romanian with English subtitles. NOT RATED

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126 Minutes
Crime thriller


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