Syrian refugee Aryan is crossing the border from Serbia into Hungary with his father when he's suddenly gunned down by a trigger-happy border guard. In his wounded state, he discovers he can now mysteriously levitate at will. How should he use these new powers? Will he be able to live freely in his new country, or be exploited? Will he become a superhero, or a circus freak? Kornél Mundruczó's (WHITE GOD) quirky tale combines genre spectacle and gritty realism to tackle the refugee crisis in a fresh and unexpected way. DIR/SCR Kornél Mundruczó; SCR Kata Wéber; PROD Viola Fügen, Michel Merkt, Viktória Petrányi, Michael Weber. Hungary/Germany/France, 2017, color, 129 min. In Hungarian with English subtitles. NOT RATED

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129 Minutes
Sci-fi drama


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