With his wife in a coma and his life in a rut, a sullen, nameless everyman soon finds himself addicted to his own sadness — with those around him continually throwing pity his way. As his kind neighbor brings yet another bundt cake, the man becomes more and more content with his sorrow, even going so far as to forbid his son from playing upbeat tunes on the piano. But what will he do if his wife wakes up? This pitch-black comedy is a riotous affair, with comedian Yannis Drakopoulos in the lead role and a script co-written by Efthymis Filippou (DOGTOOTH, THE LOBSTER). DIR/SCR Babis Makridis; SCR Efthymis Filippou; PROD Christos V. Konstantakopoulos, Amanda Livanou, Beata Rzezniczek, Klaudia Smieja. Greece/Poland, 2018, color, 97 min. In Greek with English subtitles. NOT RATED

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97 Minutes
Dark comedy

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