Silent with live musical accompaniment by Andrew Simpson

Best pals Katie O'Reilly (Vera Reynolds) and Becky Ginsberg (Julia Faye) are two Brooklyn manicurists who enlist in the U.S. Army as entertainers, but soon see their share of action on the French front. This unusual female-focused WWI film from Cecil B. DeMille's independent Producers Distributing Corporation features winning performances from Reynolds and Faye, and while the comedy and romance elements may be the story's initial emphasis, in the end it is resolutely a war film, bearing witness to the death and destruction of horrific combat. DIR Paul Sloane; SCR Albert Shelby Le Vino, from a story by Zelda Sears and Marion Orth; PROD C. Gardner Sullivan. U.S., 1926, b&w, 80 min. NOT RATED
35mm print preserved by the Library of Congress.

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80 Minutes
Comedy-drama, romance


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