Intro by Film Noir Foundation charter director and treasurer Alan K. Rode

THE ACCUSED (1949) in 35mm
Demure college professor Loretta Young finds herself in jeopardy after killing an amorous student in self-defense. As the noose tightens, both the victim's guardian Robert Cummings and a dogged homicide detective Wendell Corey fall for her — being a killer apparently makes her irresistible to men. A decidedly feminine slant on a classic noir premise. (Note courtesy of Film Noir Foundation.) DIR William Dieterle; SCR Ketti Frings, from a novel by June Truesdell; PROD Hal B. Wallis. U.S., 1949, b&w, 101 min. NOT RATED
Restored 35mm print, courtesy of the Library of Congress.

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Also screens with THIS GUN FOR HIRE (1942) on Mon, Oct 15, 7:30 p.m. Charles McGraw, the toughest man in noir, runs wild as vengeful ex-con Red Kluger, who breaks out of prison to kidnap and torture everyone who's ever done him wrong. A brutal, violent thriller inventively directed by Felix Feist. Featuring Virginia Grey and Michael O'Shea. (Note courtesy of Film Noir Foundation.) DIR Felix E. Feist; SCR Dick Irving Hyland; SCR/PROD Hugh King. U.S., 1949, b&w, 66 min. NOT RATED

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197 Minutes
Film noir

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