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45th Anniversary

Initially described by George Romero as a "feminist film," SEASON OF THE WITCH underwent major cuts before release and ended up being marketed as a softcore porn film entitled HUNGRY WIVES. Following the success of DAWN OF THE DEAD in 1978, the film was again re-cut and re-released as SEASON OF THE WITCH, becoming known as a skillful exploration of the occult. The plot revolves around Joan Mitchell (Jan White), a suburban housewife who goes through an identity crisis after her daughter leaves for college and her husband (Bill Thunhurs) grows violent and alienated. Finding solace in witchcraft, Joan's exploration of supernatural powers leads to a series of sexual encounters and a murder. DIR/SCR George A. Romero; PROD Nancy M. Romero. U.S., 1973, color, 104 min. RATED R

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104 Minutes

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