MARTIN (1978)

40th Anniversary

This unusual take on the teen vampire genre is a textured and eerie horror yarn about Martin (Romero regular John Amplas, in his screen debut), a young misfit with a taste for blood whose uncle (Lincoln Maazel) believes him to be a vampire — possibly correctly. When the troubled, lonely teen arrives to live with his uncle in Braddock, Pennsylvania, the old man has filled the house with mirrors, garlic and crucifixes to protect him from an alleged vampiric family curse. These and other genre tropes appear to satirize superstition, while MARTIN also offers an in-depth character study of an unbalanced young man. Operating on a low budget and shooting entirely on-location, George Romero managed to create a thought-provoking coming-of-age horror, which he often referred to as his favorite work. MARTIN also marked the first collaboration between Romero and legendary special-effects artist Tom Savini. DIR/SCR George A. Romero; PROD Richard P. Rubinstein. U.S., 1978, color, 95 min. RATED R

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95 Minutes
Horror drama

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